Inspire & Activate Your Audience


Call to Action Creative catalyzes changemakers. We provide individuals and organizations the tools to increase
social awareness and embolden audiences to action.

Our Mission

Call to Action Creative is a boutique Creative Agency working within the social sector to design content that inspires and activates your audience.

Our Vision

To advance society by democratizing digital content creation in an effort to help build movements, impact policies, and galvanize global conversations.


Call to Action Creative sits astride the influential confluence of new media and the social sector. Established in 2013, the agency was conceived to help cause-based organizations negotiate the rapidly evolving digital media landscape. We provide a megaphone that amplifies your message on the Internet. Additionally, Call to Action strives to develop relationships with corporate partners who have an affinity for your purpose.


Creative Consultation

Creative Consultation

Interface with our team to communicate your unique vision through a suite of Social Impact Videos

Project Management

Project Management

We’ll work with your team to reduce workload, streamline communications, and ensure timely delivery of your content

Audience Curation

Audience Curation

Connect with Mavens! Organically grow your network of fans & followers through our market-based research and targeted demographic outreach

Social Analytics

Social Analytics

We focus on social media metrics to track and understand key performance benchmarks to drive visibility and measure “stickiness”.

We provide a megaphone that amplifies
your message on the Internet.


In today’s digital world, having a strong online presence is especially important for nonprofit organizations, whose causes rely heavily on connecting with their supporters. Orgs within the social sector have a unique opportunity to leverage social media to find and engage influencers to help share their messaging. They have a need for innovative, impactful, and eminently shareable content. Messaging that can be used to influence legislation, public opinion, or alter the behavior of private sector corporations.


Disseminate information about your cause and organization


Build community and engage with different stakeholders


Mobilize actions like donation and volunteer work


Find and engage influencers to help spread the word

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